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ContentFries: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Convert Your Long Videos Into Consumable Bite-Sized Crisp Content

ContentFries is a software tool that converts your long videos into multiple consumable smaller size video content and other forms of content within no time. It allows you to create better content in various formats and sizes that fits into any content platform. It also edits and optimizes your content so that you can share it on any social media.

Do you feel that creating good content is tedious and takes much of your money? Have you found it difficult to repurpose your older content and are you failing in grabbing the attention of your readers? Is your content failing to get new customers and stopping them from being converted?

You don’t have to worry anymore. ContentFries comes with the solution for all your problem. It is an easy-to-use software that allows you to create high-quality content that satisfies your audience’s needs and also creates and repurpose your older videos into different smaller content suitable for all your social media handles.

What is ContentFries?

It is been truly said that “Content Is King.”

But in order to steal the attention of your audience, you need to have good, qualitative and creative content that helps your audience land on your page and take further action. You might have spent hours together creating good content but you also need to be consistent in your process. Right?

You might be having less time and money to produce new content for your website, social media and advertising platform every week and even you may be short of time to repurpose or update your older content. Longer videos and lengthier content will fail to attract your audience as they just skim through your pages.


What if there comes a tool that not only creates new content but also reproduces your older and boring content, videos, webinar, pillar content, etc to crispier and consumable ones? Yes, you heard it right. Now you have one such tool that not only converts your longer content to bite-sized content that attracts the audience but also helps you to create new and high-quality content without taking much of your time and money. Yes, it is ContentFries.

It allows you to create worthy content and interest-seeking videos within no time. You can also reproduce multiple video content from a single video without the help of any expensive production team and also no other software. You can be able to produce more content within a lesser timeframe, which grabs the attention of your target audience just by following three simple steps – upload, slice and fry and get more traffic.

Just upload your content, create multiple contents from that, and provide a crispier and more attractive output. You can now share it with all your social media platforms to get more reach. You can also create multiple contents from longer videos, webinars, interviews, live streams, youtube videos, pillar content, etc. easily.

Create 2 to 10X more content from your older content but in a more attractive and appealing way.

What Are The Interesting Features Of ContentFries?

ContentFries comes with many interesting features that would help you in repurposing your videos or older content. You can also create and edit new content with ease.

a. Add Captions To Videos:


Captioning your videos is very important for successful social media campaigns. Without subtitles or captions, it will be hard to understand the messages that you are trying to convey through the videos. Adding captions makes it easier for reaching out to more people, increases engagement, increases the watch-through rates and for getting better SEO results.

ContentFries Caption Editor automatically generates captions for your videos more quickly and easily. It also helps to translate your videos into any language, sync text with the timings of your videos, create custom templates, and create eye-catchy captions.

b. Add Progress Bars To Videos:


Adding a progress bar will help in improving the see-through rate and engagement rate. The people can watch the videos from starting till the end and also they can watch it from where they want. ContentFries automatically adds the progress bar as soon as you upload your videos. It is fully customizable and also you can change the colour of the progress bar suitable to your branding.

c. Add Images or Logos To Videos:

You can add images or logos of your brand to create capturing videos that attract your audience. You can also add animation to your videos.

d. Add Text To Your Videos:


You can add various texts, headlines, and emojis to your videos to make them look more attractive. You can also customize your text templates.

e. Add Custom Fonts:

ContentFries allows you to upload your own fonts to use in captions, texts, or headlines.

f. Repurpose Your Video Content:

You can multiply your content quickly.

g. Add Intro/Outro:

You can easily insert Intro, Outro or CTA to your content with the help of ContentFries Trimmer.

h. Fast Multiplying Video-Trimmer:


You can chop dozens of content pieces from a single video just by dragging and dropping your video. You can take out the part that you don’t want to have in your content. Create intros or outros instantly.

Why Choose ContentFries?

  • A powerful and easy to use tool
  • Rebuild your content for social media, website and ads
  • Automated caption generator
  • You can create multiple videos from a single video and get responses from your customer and also make them highly engaged.
  • You can stop spending your time and money on creating a better content
  • You can produce as much content as possible in the short time that you take to produce in one week.
  • Grab your user’s attention by adding templates, logos, captions, subtitles, etc to your videos.
  • Can convert your videos, webinars, interviews, pillar content, etc into all sorts of content that are suitable for every social media platform.

Who Can Get Benefits From ContentFries?

ContentFries is suitable for the following people:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Content Creators
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Small teams
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Solopreneurs
  • Business

What Are The Softwares That ContentFries Is An Alternative To?

  • Pictory. ai
  • Zubtitle
  • ContentDrips
  • Ocoya
  • Clipscribe

What Are The Benefits Of Using ContentFries?

  • You will be spending minimal time creating a number of different content with ContentFries
  • ContentFries saves your money and time on transcribing your videos, and adding captions, and subtitles in a proper way.
  • You will be able to export your videos in multiple formats in the bulk
  • It minimizes the time of learning video-editing software and creates editing automatically
  • It maximizes your reach, traffic, engagements, etc which helps to scale up your business.

How To Use ContentFries?

After you logged in to ContentFries, you will be getting a dashboard. Click on the Create button at the top right corner. You will be getting the three steps to create your crispier videos.

  1. Upload
  2. Settings
  3. Content Fries

Click on the Upload option, to upload your original videos. You can drop your files, paste them, browse files or import files from your device, google drive, dropbox or link. Select the language for your content and toggle some of the settings like

  • Notify me by email on captions completed
  • Is the sound noise-free?
  • Is it loud enough?
  • Can you understand the speaker clearly?
  • Is conversation clear, without any overtalk?

Next is to choose a language. ContentFries allows you to choose from almost all globally spoken languages and you can use it for captioning your videos. Click on Continue.

Then you will be having an option to select the contexts for which you want to create your content. Context is the form of social media content that you want to create. You can create Facebook Video, Instagram Videos, IGTV Video, LinkedIn Videos, YouTube Videos, Instagram Video Stories, Tiktok Videos-Short, and Tiktok Video-Long.

Your videos will be split into 3 sections. The first thing is content, anything you upload(Video). Next is Audio-Transcription and the third is a text-headlines or caption.

Click on the context editor. Select the type of context and then click finish. If you don’t select any context you will be getting a blank page. You can be able to switch between contexts. The videos will be in square format, rectangular format, etc depending on the context chosen.

Next is adding captions to your videos. You can give the timings for your caption and also edit the pre-generated caption.

When you have uploaded the videos, ContentFries will auto-generate some of the captions from your video. You can go with the result and start editing. You can even edit it by setting the timings. When you click on set timings, you will be prompted to split captions by newlines or split captions by word count and then save and unlock your editing captions.

You can choose the sentences and split the captions as you want. Your caption will appear on the videos and you may also be having some pre-generated texts that are generated by transcription technology. Click on save and unlock. You can make any corrections if you want. Fix the transcript. Save it and preview. Audio will be reading your caption.

You can edit your current context. Edit the background colour, image or text. Choose the colour of the background that matches your brand. You can also have a tool by the name Sip on your ContentFries dashboard. You can also edit the positioning of your background and even blur the colour of your background.

Choose the headline, edit it or leave the pre-generated headline as it is. You can duplicate it, choose a new headline and position it where you want. Customize your headlines and then save.

You can even modify the timings of the captions. Resize, toggle them bold or italic, change the colour and font, etc, then click save and refresh.

You can also add the progress bar. Go to settings, select the scene width, and scene height, and adjust it on your video. Modify the colour of the bar, the height of the progress indicator, and the position of the progress bar and click save and refresh the page.

You can even adjust the heading, and clone it. Once you are satisfied with the result, click ok and save.

You can do it for any context. You can clone your context also by choosing the clone current context option. You can change the headline, background colour, add padding, progress bar, etc. You can add the subheading and align it to your video below the heading. Save it and press OK.

When you have all your contexts ready, you can export them. Start by selecting the context one after the other. It will take a few seconds.

It will resize, repair the audio, extract the frame, prepare the scene, capture the details, etc. It also renders your video and then it starts downloading. Once it gets downloaded, you can share it wherever you want. You can be able to create and export as much contextual content as possible quickly and automatically.

You can create 10X or even 100X content in a similar way by using a content trimmer or a content repurposer.

Final Views:

Video Content are undoubtedly the most possible form of content that will reach every audience. But only creating a video is not enough, you need to rebuild or repurpose it to share on different platforms.

It will consume your money and time if you are going to create individual content each time to post on every possible social media. It will be tiresome to create multiple contents manually. So, you need a tool which eases your process.

ContentFries not only helps you with creating new content easily but will also restructure your older videos, interviews, webinars, pillar content, etc into multiple contents that suit different platforms easily. You can create any type of content all at once to share across different platforms.

ContentFries is a content multiplier. You can reproduce your old-boring video into crispier content. You can create a WordPress blog, FaceBook Video, IGTV Videos, YouTube Videos, etc all at a single time with ease and you don’t need any professionals or a production team to help. It comes with multiple features that will make your content process easier and quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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