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ConectoHub: A Perfect Way to Connect Your OKR System with Your Work Management

For attaining sustainable growth of a company, the teams need to have a focused vision and have to work collaboratively and fast. In chaotic situations, OKR helps organizations work better without losing focus on their goals. Startups get more benefited by implementing OKR.


It becomes difficult to work with more than one tool for productivity. But now with ConectoHub, work and performance management will be administered from a single platform by connecting your business outcomes with your company goals.

Around 3000 people across the globe used ConectoHub in 2021 and 533 teams have been created. 8350 projects, 50000 tasks, 1200 objectives and 3200 key results were created in the same year and 22000 tasks and 800 OKR’s been achieved this year.

It helps to improve the workflow and manage the team’s OKR and productivity. It helps to automate your process.

First, let us know what is OKR means? and how it will improve your business?

What is OKR?


OKR means objective and key result system. OKR is a goal-setting methodology of a company to track its team’s activity. It is a system for setting up the goals of the company. This system is used by Google and other successful companies. It can create alignment and engagement with your goal. It is useful for large scale and digital companies and for startups.

It helps the companies to create the right plans, measure and track the progress and eventually speed up the company’s growth.

The company’s purpose will be achieved when each of its members has a clear vision of its objective and in turn, it helps to achieve increased focus and develop a greater sense of alignment and collaboration within a company.

Better communication is an example of OKR. You can have a common framework where you can discuss your goals and objectives and track your progress. It leads to more effective and efficient decision making.

BY setting specific, measurable and achievable goals, OKR helps the employees to focus on the tasks according to their priorities and importance and can also measure their progress. It helps in productivity and motivates them to engaged and connected to your company.

By integrating the OKR system with your work management, you can link your key results with daily tasks and projects, you can see the progress automatically and also you can make sure that your teams are working effectively on the respective goal.

Features Of ConectoHub:

The features of ConectoHub are ListView, Gantt View, Advanced Search, Kanban View, File View, Project Reports, Custom Templates, Guest Users, Project Portfolios, Task Management, Recurring Tasks, Dependencies, Subtasks, Milestones, Multiple Assignees, Due Dates and Notifications, Team Managements, Automations, OKR systems integrated with Work Management, Weighted Objectives and Key Results, 360 Degree Feedback System, Instant Reports and ConectoHub Mobile.

What is ConectoHub?


It is a software platform, that connects your business outcomes with your company goals. It even manages your daily tasks and projects. It organizes your entire work system with OKR.

It also helps to follow your teams and manage your company goals on a macro level. You can even link up your objectives with daily tasks and projects and carry out the management work successfully.

You can further be able to give feedback to your colleagues. You can even organize your feedback in a better way.

You can manage your workflow from anywhere and also from any device through ConectoHub.

Why ConectoHub?

  • It provides you with a better management strategy and execution in a single platform.
  • It connects the high-level goals of organizations with business output.
  • It gives clarity to the work to achieve better results.
  • It manages and aligns teams for working on specific goals.
  • It coordinates the workflow of the teams with their locations.

Who can use ConectoHub?

Conectohub is best suitable for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, online businesses, digital marketers, freelancers, startups, small scale and medium scale industries, large companies, etc.

What are the alternatives for ConectoHub?

ConectoHub is the best alternative for Asana, Trello and ClickUp.

ConectoHub: Connect Your Productivity and Goal Management


It is good to see the progress of your company but at the same time, it becomes worst to see the company’s growth in a reverse direction.

It can be manageable when a handful of people are working on it because all will be knowing the perspective and objective of the company and each will be knowing their job and responsibilities. Each of your team members will be working with full focus, energy and enthusiasm towards the progress of your company.

But it will be a complicated task when comes to scaling your business to the next level. It becomes hard to understand whether each team member is working on the right pitch or not. Most startup fails when they want to scale high due to the organic organization where they are let to do the tasks of their choice.

It becomes even hard to manage fast-growing teams and keep everyone on the right track for efficient and fast growth. So, many companies have introduced the OKR system which is not to punish the people for low performance or to control every step of your team but it is to encourage the people and make them understand where they are going wrong, how and when to correct it, etc.

ConectoHub is more than just a project management tool. It is integrated project management and productivity tool designed for fast-growing companies to connect their strategies and execution with OKR.

You can link up your key results with your daily tasks and projects, to see the progress automatically and also ensure that all teams are working in a collaborative manner on the goals that are really very important. You have Listview, Kanban view, Gantt view, File view and advanced search. You can connect your data with a google sheet, airtable, excel, etc. to make remote key results to check-in. You can even link your issues, tasks and other tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.

How to Work with ConectoHub?

As mentioned earlier, it becomes unmanageable to track the progress of the individual task and also to see the productivity can be increased or is sufficient. So, it is better to have a tool that is effective for project management and also to track your goals. Implementing OKR and tracking your progress through it will be more beneficial.

ConectoHub is one such platform that allows you to collaborate as a team and also track each OKR. Now, let us see how it works.

  • The first thing you need to do is log in to the platform. You will get an overview screen, displayed with an Onboard checklist tab to work through the process step by step.
  • You can create your first team, your first portfolio, and your first dashboard. You can have a step by step process to guide you through the working of ConectHub.
  • Go to the Home tab. You will see an Activity Overview Page where you can see the overdue tasks. You also have upcoming tasks and unscheduled tasks. It gives you a good indication of the work that has to be done based on the priority.
  • Go to the Files tab where you will get all the collaborative files attached to each task. You will have a shared drive with different kinds of files inside.
  • When you go back to My activity, you have an option to add tasks by email. You can add your task here. You can download this as an excel file, add filters to it, and only those tasks are displayed. You have filters for all and can even include subtasks on the filter. You can even add assignees and specific due dates to the tasks. In this way, you can search and filter through all your tasks and also manage them efficiently.
  • Creating a New Task is also easy. There is create task button on the top menu and when you click on that you will be able to create a new task or can create a new project.
  • Next comes the Notification tab. You will see all the notifications that are unread and even those which are archived. If you have any archived messages it will notify you.
  • On the Calendar tab, you have an overview of different kinds of tasks that need to be completed day by day. You will also get a complete overview of a particular task, and have the assignees, collaborators, due date, the project and its priority that you can manage accordingly. You can give descriptions, implement certain tasks, can give colour, and give subtasks too. Further, you can add attachments, give comments, activities, etc.
  • Next comes the Team tab. Here, you will see all the teams that you are a part of. you can even manage your teams here. You can see the individual users and can invite a new user by going through the invite users tab and fill all the required fields like full name, email details and phone number. when you have invited the new member, it will be shown in the last tab.
  • The next option is the projects tab. You can create the project, and manage the projects and when we go to the project’s overview, you will be able to see different projects. You also have a few tabs that you can access, like company projects, archived projects, completed projects, etc. You will never miss a link to your progress. You can also able to see the individual task, like who has been assigned with what task, the priority of the task, and also you can see the due dates. You can also adjust each task and can change them accordingly.
  • Next, we have Portfolio. It is a collection of the projects grouped together according to the category to that they belong. You also have a subproject of the main project and you also have the progress of each of the projects. You can also check the status of the project, whether it has any issues, or is it at risk, is it on track or off track, and also the progression of your task.
  • Lastly, you have an Objective tab. Here you have an OKR system and ConectoHub brings this project management and OKR together. You can able to see the progress of each individual, linked projects, tasks and milestones, that are been connected. You can even see the weightage means how the individual OKR is important. You can automate it or can do the task manually.

To Sum Up With:

For the successful growth of a company, you need to have a team that has a focused vision and to have a collaboration between each of its members. So, it becomes necessary for the companies to have an OKR system, where the objectives of the companies are set and assigned to their team members to achieve the key results.

ConectoHub is a platform that unifies OKR and productivity of the team and which results in the successful growth of the company. Working with ConectoHub is really very easy and you can achieve the goal within a shorter time. It consumes less time to reach your goals and you can manage your teams and teamwork more effectively and efficiently.

It even integrates your workflow with the teams and their geographical locations.

You can even connect to your ConectoHub through Mobile and can work easily on desktop as well as your mobile or smartphone.

Overall, ConectoHub is a perfect software solution to unite all your teamwork and help your team members to understand the objectives of the company and let them work on their respective tasks and achieve the goals of the company and let your company grow in a successful manner.

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