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ClearFlask: The Only Feedback Management Tool to Improve your Business Smartly

In order to improve your business or a product, you must have feedback from your customers. The true customers will give valuable feedback that can help you to optimize your products/services. But, some people will not be given the right feedback. Then, how can you consider which one will be suitable for your product? Getting to know the right feedback and organising it in a proper way will be a difficult task.

In order to consider the proper feedback and manage it, you need a platform that will do the work easier for you and also lets your customer know about the new features added to your product, your upcoming projects, etc.

Clearflask is a software ideation tool, that manages all your feedback in a much easier and smarter and more beneficial way.

What is ClearFlask?

Many smallscale and midscale businesses and even entrepreneurs rely upon feedback from their customers. Feedback is generally important to know how much people like your products/services. It is also important to know what people are looking for in your products. Depending upon the feedback from the customers/users, you can improve your brands/products/services.

The valuable customer feedback helps you to make better decisions. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage and handle all the feedback in a structured and well-disciplined manner.

There comes the necessity of a tool to manage all the feedback in an organized way. ClearFlask will help you to be closer with your community by collecting feedback from them and updating them about the roadmap and development status of your product.

The Benefits of ClearFlask:

  • It will help you to analyze and organize all the data received from your customer in an effective way.
  • You can manage your incoming feedback and quickly address it on your Feedback dashboard page. You can quickly transform your feedback into a task, quickly respond to it, merge the duplicate feedback and even save it for later.
  • You can also prioritize your roadmap and arrange them properly in your Roadmap dashboard. You just drag and drop your feedback in a Kanban manner. You can customize your workflow and also automatically notify the subscriber about the updates.
  • You can match your product’s workflow with the status, transition and behaviour of your content type.
  • Organize your content by a defined set of tagging. Group the tags and assign the rules for using the tags.
  • Export your data and feed it to your analytics externally to get better insights.
  • It also shows your idea validation. You can validate how successful the feature will be before developing it.

Why ClearFlask:

  • You can deal easily with your customer comments in a better way.
  • Your clients will be informed about the development process of your products.
  • You can get feedback from your potential customers that will help you to know why the customers are leaving your site.
  • You can have threaded comments, a quick editor, and a strong search that will make it easier for discussions in the community.

Alternatives for ClearFlask:

SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, SoGoSurvey, Alchemer, and SurveyGizmo are the top 5 alternatives to ClearFlask.

Who can use ClearFlask?

ClearFlask is suitable for small scale and medium scale businesses, startups, freelancers, agencies, entrepreneurs, etc.

Know more about ClearFlask:


As mentioned earlier, feedback plays a well-defined role in improving your company or business or your products. It is very important for small and midscale companies and even startups. But many times, the larger companies don’t give attention to managing the feedback.

Through Feedback, you can have a clear vision of what your product should look like and also have a clear perspective of what your customers looking for.

You need to be judgemental or objective to their views because it is your product and you know it well and you are the one who has come up with the idea and so you might not agree with all your customer’s needs.

There comes the idea to build a community for your product and can have a particular fan page for your product and it is necessary to have loyal customers rather than fraud customers. Some feedbacks are useless but many of them are really valuable. You need a tool to organise and manage your feedback and ClearFlask is one such tool that will be a perfect fit for your purpose of managing the feedback.

It is an ideal tool for managing your feedback, roadmap and also your announcements. You can collect numerous feedback and merge them all and turn them into roadmaps and then make announcements.

The design of Clearflask is customizable and very easy to use.

How to Use ClearFlask?


Getting valuable feedback from your customers is really incredible for the progress and development of your business/products. But it becomes risky to gather all the feedback in a well-defined manner so that you can make any improvements to your product or service.

ClearFlask has come up with the solution to all your problems related to feedback.

Let us have a look at how ClearFlask will perform and how it will manage and organize your customer feedback.

Create your account in ClearFlask and as soon as you log in you will be having the welcome page, where you can choose your scenario. You have three options namely, customer feedback, open community and internal feedback.

Customer Feedback: It is your customer’s first feedback experience to capture unbiased feedback.

Open Community: You can welcome community discussions about your product.

Internal Feedback: Here you will have the feedback collected from within the group or organization.

Select one appropriate option which will be best suited for your product. If you choose Customer feedback you will have Feedback First or Community First option.

Feedback first allows you to capture the customer’s own words. It is suitable for detailed-oriented products. In the Feedback first, you will have How Can We Improve. Here you mention the idea and describe the idea.

Community first shows your customer a public feedback group where they can discuss with each other and you can let your community manage it.

When you select feedback first, you are allowed to the next page, where you need to enter your website first and then all the other fields will display, like product name, portal subdomain and logo URL.

On top of the window, there is a quick start guide. It tells about how to manage feedback, roadmaps and announcements and has a step by step guides. You can go through all these and manage your feedback by yourself easily.

On the top right corner, there is a menu item. You have a new project, adjust the settings, give feedback, on our roadmap, account and settings and sign out options.

Let us go to the settings first. Here you can adjust your branding. The branding of your roadmap and the feedback can be adjusted. You can choose the colour palette and also can go with a dark theme.

Then you can customize your domain. If you want to change your domain you can give another domain name as well or you can work with your existing domain itself.

The next one is Teammates. You can invite a teammate and also give permission rules and can even assign a certain role to the new teammate.

The next option is the Landing page. Here, you can show a dedicated welcome page for your visitors. They can give their feedback and can tell you how to improve your product. They can also see the roadmap which helps them to know what you will be working on next.

The next one is the Feedback tab. You can customize it according to your own liking. Here also you have an option for customer-first or community-first. If you go with the Community first option, you will see the layout which will ask you for suggesting an idea. You need to fill out the title and details of the idea and on the right-hand side, you will have the community ideas.

If you scroll down further, there is a workflow, where you need to define how you will handle the coming feedback and keep track of progress using custom status. You will be getting different types of status to implement. You can easily add a new one or change the existing one.

Further, you have a roadmap. It helps to customize your own roadmap. You can adjust it according to your choice. There is an option for doing it now, next and later and similarly, you can customize your status. Next, you have tagging option. Here you can use tags to finely organize your tasks.

Another option in the setting is the announcement, where you can publish your released feature and inform your customers to subscribe for the changes done. You set up the announcement, that you have created inside your dashboard.

The next one is the onboard tab. Here, you can determine how users can signup. You can manage between the public (anyone) and private (restricted access). You can choose the sign-on process for the people like Single sign-on, OAuth, Browserpush, Guests, emails, etc and allow your users to authenticate it smoothly between your servers and Clearflask.

Furthermore, you have an Installation option. Here, you can link your product directly to the portal. Add the link to your website and embed it. If you want to choose a widget, you can add it too.

The next option is Data settings. Here, you can export the data in a CSV file format, and delete the project if you don’t want.

The next one is integration. You can integrate it with Github, Intercom, Google analytics, hotjar, etc.

Lastly, you have advanced settings. You have to be careful while doing these settings because sometimes, it may break the portal if any errors have been done. Here, you can customize some other things like project id, name, logo, subdomain, custom domain, search indexing, language, content, layout, users etc.

On the top menu, you will have different tabs. You can search for your feedback from the feedback option and customize it. You can create new feedback, add a description, and also submit your own link. You can create feedback directly and let your customer know and comment on this specific feature and you can track the status.

If you go to the roadmap, you will be able to see what is on the roadmap. You can add and manage things easily on the roadmap. Go through the individual section and press the + sign. You can add the new task, a description, and can give it a status, as completed or cancelled. similarly, you can fill your entire roadmap.

Next, if you go to the announcement section, you can create an announcement, like the new feature/project or the product that is going to be released soon, or any new feature that you want to add to your announcement, you can do that also easily. You can sort your announcements – trending, top or new, manage your feedback – new, considering, accepted or cancelled, task – ideas, later, next, or now.

Next, when you select users, you will see all the specific users that have signed up through the portal for a particular project. You will be able to see the details and data for new users when they sign up to your portal.

You have an option for translating certain features for your dashboard. You can select your language and translate the features into your own language.

To Sum Up With:

Feedback is of utmost importance when it comes to developing and growing your business. It is important for small scale and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and also big companies. Feedback from your customers will help to improve your product and you can also optimize your business easily.

You can come to know, what your customers want from your product and in turn, you can give the best possible variation to them. You can even let them know about your upcoming projects or events and let them be informed about the changes that have been updated to your products.

But many times, it becomes difficult to manage all the feedback and will also find it difficult to choose which feedback will be best suited for your product. So, there comes the necessity of a tool or software which will analyze, manage and organize all the feedback in a structured way.

ClearFlask is a feedback management tool that helps to manage your feedback and organize them properly. Working with ClearFlask is very easy and it consumes less time.

Choose your ClearFlask for managing your feedback.

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