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CL1CK: A Smarter AI Way to Optimize Your Web Analytics

You might be delivering good products or the best service in your niche but still finding it difficult to get the leads, right? Do you know why?

The reason may be the absence of an unprofessional website. If you want to take your company to a new height, then you must need to have a perfect and well-built website.

If your customers feel comfortable with your website, chances of getting new customers will be high. The customers will also prefer your services if they like the design and outlook of your website.

If you are making a purchase, especially from a new brand, what will be your first action?

The first thing you will be doing is visiting their website, then from the very first glance, you can say whether you like it or not and if you feel comfortable, you will be doing a purchase or you may log in to the website. Right?

Likewise, it becomes more important to understand what your customer does when they visit your website. So, having a perfect website plays a key role in your business growth.

Thanks to AI automation technology that will make your work easier and free of cost. You can easily do it all by yourself.

Pitchground’s CL1CK is a platform that helps to optimize and analyze your website through AI automation.

Now, let us know about what is CL1CK, it’s working, how it will help you in optimizing your website, its benefits and why to use CL1CK.

l1CK: A simple but most powerful platform for your website optimization.

If you want to grow your business, it becomes essential to have a professional and effective website, so that, the customers who once visited your website will get impressed by it, and will revisit your site again and again.

CL1CK is an AI-based website analytical tool that will help to manage your digital website into a self-improving website and also helps to optimize and automate your website in a powerful way.


It helps in the automation of your web data analytics, by tracking your user’s behaviour. It also gives AI-based information on the business performance of your website.

It collects all the necessary data and combines it into a cluster thus saving your precious time in researching the same. It also efficiently summarizes your website and essential data metrics.

It also guides you through visualization, of your website performance.

Who Can Use CL1CK?

CL1CK can be used by

  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Organizations
  • Digital marketers, etc, who want to optimize their website and also want to know about behavioural aspects of their websites and the users or visitors of the website.

Why use CL1CK?

  • You might have come across numerous web metrics while analysing your website, but do not be knowing whether they are important or not for your website performance.
  • But with CL1CK, you will be getting the automated tracking of over 50 user metrics and all are benchmarked against the industry standards and notifies any underperformed issues and also indicates when your site overperforms.
  • You can even create, edit and optimize your website all by yourself. Through AI-based insights, you can transform your website into a self-improving website, easily.
  • Your users are also able to get useful information with just a single CL1CK. It helps you to understand the statistics about your website and the data will be 100% safe.
  • It automates your web data analytics and helps your company to generate more revenue.
  • Researching and collecting the data manually is a more tricky and time-consuming process. CL1CK saves your time by automatically collecting the necessary information and collaborating the same, so it becomes easier for your user to search on your website for what they are looking and also you can understand your website performance through visualization.

The 2 primary products are – CL1CK Analytics and CL1CK Creator.

Benefits of Cl1ck:

  • Automatically tracks your user behaviour. It tracks around 50 user metrics and if there are any issues they will be benchmarked and flagged.
  • Data can be easily visualized. It helps you to know about your user intention and how they are behaving, through heatmaps, scroll maps, and session recordings. It guides the behaviour of your user which is the most clicked/searched element of your website.
  • You will also get AI-powered solutions for your e-commerce site. You will get automated recommendations for selling your products/services which also helps you how to improve your income through machine learning.

How to Use CL1CK?

In order to use CL1CK you simply need a tracking code on your website.

Follow the methods to know about your tracking code on different platforms.

1. How to install your CL1CK Tracking Code?

Before you start to work with CL1CK, you must have to install a tracking code on your website, so that it will be easier to collect data and show useful insights.

It is a Javascript tool and once you installed it, CL1CK starts collecting essential information like traffic to your website, your sessions and button clicks. You can install the tracking code manually or you can use specific guidelines to use it on different platforms.

How to install CL1CK tracking code manually:

  • The first step is to copy the tracking code from your CL1CK account. You can even email your tracking code to your website developer or to the person in charge of your website handling.
  • The second step is to paste that code into the tag section. Copy the code and paste it between the two head tags i.e., opening and closing tag.
  • The next step is to rearrange the website with the new code.
  • Now your website will have a new tracking code. Wait until it completely loads and your CL1CK tracking Code is successfully downloaded now on your website and you can start working with it.
  • After a few seconds, the results will start appearing on your CL1CK panel.

How to install the CL1CK tracking code on Shopify?

To install tracking code on Shopify for web analytics, follow these methods:

1. First, log in to your Shopify account, then go to Sales Channels, select online store, choose themes and then click actions and lastly select the edit code option.

2. Open the inbuilt layout folder and select your theme and in the file choose the opening and closing tag.

3. Then, copy the code and paste it between the two tags.

4. Wait until the code gets fully loaded.

To install it for e-commerce analytics, go through the following methods:

1. Go to the Settings option, choose Checkout and scroll for further Additional Scripts.

2. Copy the e-commerce code and paste it between the two tags.

3. Wait for a few moments until your code gets fully downloaded.

How to install the CL1CK tracking code on Wix?

Follow these steps for the installation of the CL1CK tracking code on Wix.

1. Firstly, you have to log in to your Wix account and select the particular site.

2. Go to the Settings option, choose Advanced, select the Custom Code option and finally click on Add Custom code button.

3. Copy the code and then place it between the two tags.

4. Select a specific name so that it will become easier to choose it later.

5. Go to your site and wait until it loads.

How to install it on WordPress Site?

It is easier to install the code on your WordPress site.

  • The options for header, footer and post injections are available by default on your WordPress. You can directly install your code from these tags.
  • Go to Plugins and select Add New option.
  • Once the plugin gets activated you can easily access it.
  • Go to the Settings option, choose Header and Footer tab and add your code.
  • Copy the code and insert it between the head tags.
  • Visit your Site and wait until it loads completely.

CL1CK is an alternative for:

Google Analytics, Matomo, Mixpanel, Woopra, Oribi, Indicative, Hitsteps, and Piwikpro are the main alternatives.

How to Analyze and Optimize your Website using CL1CK?

Analyzing and optimizing your website is the most important and difficult task if you want to do it manually. But CL1CK makes your work easier through AI automation. It analyses and optimizes your website and webpage all by automation and also saves your valuable time by automated data aggregation and giving user insights.

  1. The first step to start working with CL1CK is to sign in to your account. After logging in you are directed towards My Website’s Overview page. You can either track a new website or can log in to an existing site.
  • After you log in to the page or any website you will get a highlight dashboard and you can see all the key analytics on a single page.
  • Next is Hover and Click option.

When you press on the Click option, you will get the most and least hovered sections of your website. You can also get the live tracking of your website. On the Hover option, you will get the most hovered and least clicked sections.

  • The next option is the Specific menu which contains heatmaps and scroll maps. It also shows data about mouse events such as – rage clicks, dead clicks, error clicks and mouse shakes.

a. Rage clicks are repeated clicks in a specific area of your website. It specifies you as soon as a person clicks on a particular button or website.

b. Dead Clicks don’t have any effect on the page. When your user clicks some buttons or links it will not direct anywhere else and it’s not much important.

c. Error Clicks are the ones that highlight javascript errors in your page and you can correct them using CL1CK.

d. Mouse Shakes are the rapid movements that are made by a mouse or touchpad.

  • Next comes the Sources page, which helps you know from which platform your users are coming like Google, Instagram, Facebook and many others.
  • When you scroll down further, you will get the Special Visitor page.

It has listed options like most clicked visitors, most hovered visitors and longest duration visitors. You can also check how your visitor clicked and moved their mouse over the stuff by clicking on session recordings.

  • The next option is Locations:

It indicates where user/audience, webpage visitor, and website visitors are coming from.

2. How to work with the e-Commerce Section?

  • If you click on the e-Commerce option, all the data will be shown and help you to engage in more conversation, with better and higher-order rates and you will come to know about your opportunities in upselling.
  • Next is the Overview page. When you click on that page you will get various information like the number of orders, basket size, revenue rate, and conversion rate.

Order size will tell you about the number of orders for a particular product. It will also lead you which is a top-selling product.

Basket Size will inform you about the highest-selling bundles, number of orders, etc.

3. Visitor’s Tab:

It shows you basic insights about your visitors like High performance, Low performance, location, devices and browsers.

4. Action Tab:

It tells about button analysis. If you have any buttons on your website, CL1CK will track the same. It has options like buttons, tones, click through rates, views and clicks.

5. Traffic:

It guides you about where the traffic is coming from. It displays a screen consisting of a page view, high performance, bounce rate, sources and webpage overview.

It also shows a list of URLs and their performances like the number of views, who are the unique visitors, what is the bounce rate, what is the exit rate and the average time spent by the visitors on a specific URL.

6. Session Recordings:

After clicking on Session Recordings, you have a User option and it shows you pageview, duration, last activity, location, browser and devices.


You can also visit the session recording by clicking on the view button.

7. Settings

The next component is Settings. It helps you to install CL1CK on different platforms. The methods to install are mentioned earlier.

To Sum Up With:

CL1CK is a unique platform that helps you to analyze and optimize your website, through AI automation and you just need to install it on your particular platform.

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner, website owner, website handler, or digital marketer, then this will be much more suitable for improving your business.

CL1CK analyses over 50 user metrics and gives feedback and benchmarks them against industry standards and flags the issues if any.

You can easily perform all the tasks by yourself through CL1CK’s AI-based automation tool.

The installation process is also very easy. You just need to get a tracking code and then copy and paste that code into your website or platform and just wait for a few seconds until it downloads completely. You can then start analyzing your website and also you can troubleshoot any issues all by yourself.

You can also come to know about your user behaviours, location, scroll maps, heat maps, scroll times, clicked time, hovered clicks, etc.

You can also go through the session recordings of users’ behaviour through live tracking.

When everything is getting automated and in a single platform, through CL1CK, what are you waiting for? Grab your CL1CK now, to get your work done with just a single CL1CK.

FAQs about CL1CK

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