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Affiliate Booster: Best Theme & Plug-In for Affiliates

Affiliate Booster is owned by one of the most prominent Affiliate Blogger & Marketer and also a trainer and mentor from India, Mr Kulwant Nagi. This introduction itself is sufficient why this theme and plug-in leave no stones unturned when it comes to the features required for any affiliate blogger or marketer for their content.

While Affiliate Booster boasts themselves as an ultrafast loading, schema optimised theme, that has been developed and designed considering especially the affiliates in mind, hence Affiliate Booster theme is highly optimised for conversions.

As I have tried and tested this theme, I can give my honest opinion about the features included within the theme and how this theme & plug-in can help any affiliate marketer out there.

I am going to discuss every bit about the theme and its plug-in hereunder and how you can design and develop a website without any sort of coding skills. Affiliate Booster theme can be easily used by any type of affiliate marketer whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced geek.

Let’s not waste any moment and get on the topic.


Affiliate Booster

As explained above, this theme is claimed as one of the ultra-fast loading themes which is schema & conversion optimised and micro-data enabled inherently. It is mobile responsive and made to be helpful to affiliate marketers & bloggers. The theme is easily customizable and fully compatible with Gutenberg & Elementor, which are the most famous builders or editors in the market for WordPress.

What is Affiliate Booster?

Well, it is a combination of theme & plug-in. They both work with their best compatibility with each other and they are designed to work and give their best performance with their premium options.

Theme Features :-

  • Schema Optimized
  • Ultra Fast Loading
  • Easy Customization
  • Typography Control
  • Colors Control
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Made for Affiliates
  • Elementor Compatible
  • Global Color Palette
  • Color Options
  • Global Typography
  • Global Button Settings
  • Global Container width
  • Sidebar width
  • 4 Menu Options
  • Custom Scripts
  • Author Bio Control
  • Disclaimer
  • Featured Image Control
  • Sub Menu Controls
  • Sticky Header
  • Scroll To Top
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Post, Page & Archive Layouts

Installing And Activating Theme & Plug-In

It is a straightforward process, as you normally do with other themes and plug-ins. However, the developer has created relevant videos to ease the complete process for you. Please follow the link below.

Theme Features:-

  1. Header Designs: You will get 6 stunning header designs, which are very easy to adjust as per your needs on your blog. You can happily pick and design and you can get the feel of an affiliate blog.
  2. Home Page Layouts: You will receive professionally designed 12 homepage layouts. Grid layout options allow you to create designs that you desire to convert your audiences.
  3. Post Layouts: Along with page layouts, you will get various types of post design layouts, so that you can plan beforehand that how your posts would look like to your audiences. So that you can plan your content and your promotions accordingly.
  4. Typography: It gives you total control over designing your typography which means you can define your site-wide fonts, headings, buttons, link and many other detailed elements once you start exploring it.
  5. Schema Optimised : This theme is schema optimised that would help search engine identify the type of content you are publishing on your website and will make it easy for the crawlers to index it accordingly.
  6. Ultra Fast Loading : This theme has been professionally developed considering the speed aspect in mind, so that the content on the site would load with faster.
  7. Easy Customisation : If you know how to design & develop a site on WordPress, this theme will work like a gem. You can easily customise every aspect of your site with total control.
  8. Colours Control : When it comes to colour control, you will be very happy with the options you will have to change, edit and amend your background colours of your theme, content and many other elements of your website. The look & feel will be entirely as per your choice.
  9. Gutenberg Compatible : If you are already into blogging or content writing, you would know that Gutenberg editor or page builder has come a very long way. Elementor used to be one of the major players along with Beaver and other builders out there in the market. But Gutenberg is not behind anymore. Gutenberg has given many sorts of options to the web developers and this theme will be help you further as it 100% compatible with Gutenberg. Not only compatible, this theme enhances the performance of Gutenberg and provide you with much better options to design your content. I am pretty sure that you won’t miss any aspect of your thoughts while designing your imagination on your site.
  10. Fully Mobile Responsive : Well, we are in 2021 and if any site that is not mobile responsive misses the larger market share. Google, Amazon and every other major players in the market loves mobile device optimised websites and content generated over modern websites. Hence, this theme gives a better edge with total mobile responsive features, which would enhance your content and website for your audience visiting on their mobile devices or tablet devices etc.
  11. Made For Affiliates : As earlier mentioned, this theme is especially designed for the content writers who would want to monetize their work. Well we call them Affiliates like me. Yes, this theme will help you design conversion-optimised content, that would compel your customers to click the links you have generated, so far as you are giving enough value to your audiences.
  12. Elementor Compatible: As mentioned earlier about Gutenberg, this theme would work perfectly fine with Elementor builder as well. If you are already into WordPress, you would know that Elementor is one of the most loved page-builder, theme-builder and site-builder.

Affiliate Booster Plug-In Features:-

Well, you might wonder what the heck is now about Affiliate Booster Plug-In. You should note that this plug-in is much more powerful than even the theme itself.

While you have the option to select the theme or the plug-in separately, I would highly recommend you get the complete bundle itself, so that you can make the most out of both options.

Plug-In Features:-

  1. Ready Made Designs : Well, this would help you design your website with very ease. You can directly integrate any type of design on your website that looks modern & stunning.
  2. User Friendly Controls : Even if you are not a geek, you can easily create your website design and develop it according to your needs with the help of this theme & plug-in. You get complete control over your project.
  3. Blocks for your every need: If you are already into WordPress, you would have already know that blocks give you peace of mind while creating designs as per your needs. You can create literally every bit and every aspect on your website page. There are many well-known projects in the WordPress industry that are thriving just because of the features they provide their blocks, but they are very pricey. But you are fully covered with Affiliate Booster Theme and the Plug-In which is not that pricey and it gives you complete control over it.
  4. Tablet & Mobile Friendly: The theme itself is very well-designed and developed in a complete responsive versions, which means that you can view your website and its contents on any device whether it is a tablet or a mobile.
  5. No Coding Required : You don’t need to learn any coding skills. It is just drag & drop blogs. But yes, it is better if you atleast learn about Gutenberg blocks and Elementor, and they both are very easy to learn and tweak.
  6. Fully Customisable Blocks : As the name speaks, you can design, adjust and customise each and every block as per your needs.

Let us look at the blocks which are already available with Affiliate Booster. Well, they do offer 25+ pre-made blocks, but I am just going to name a few of them, which are very easy to understand about what they do, just by their names themselves.

  1. Single Product Block
  2. Pros and Cons Block
  3. List Items Block
  4. Notifications Block
  5. Comparison Table Block
  6. Good Bad Features Block
  7. Notices Block
  8. Call To Action Block (CTA Block)
  9. Table Of Content Block
  10. Coupons Block
  11. Star Rating Block
  12. Product Review Block
  13. Conclusion Block
  14. Top Picked Block
  15. Progress Bar Block


Well, these details were just about the features offered by the theme & plug-in. If you compare it with other options out there, you will find it is a no-brainer deal. Moreover, they offer 3 different plans, which would be very convenient if you want this theme for your multiple sites.

Below is the pricing for Plugin Only:


Below is the pricing for Theme Only:


Well, as I highly recommend to get the bundle of Theme & Plugin, the pricing is as below:


All these above pricing plans will help you decide, which plan to go ahead with depending on the number of websites you are managing or may have some future plans.

Currently, they don’t offer any lifetime deal or plan as such.

Further, these plans come with 48 hours refund policy, so you can happily use it during this period and check if it is suitable for you or not, but I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, as the whole theme & plugin itself are designed to enhance the performance.

Final Words

I would like to finally point out that there are many other options available in the market, but as I did mention earlier that this theme & plugin has been developed and designed especially for affiliate marketers & bloggers i.e. content writers, who would want to monetize their writing skills.

This means that it has been designed and developed for your growth & success.

If you have any further concerns or queries regarding choosing your theme and plugin, please comment below with your questions.

Also, if you want to learn about new tools to increase your productivity and enrich your knowledge about tools, please subscribe and look forward to your growth and success.

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