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AdPuzl: How to Build, Launch, and Manage your Social Media Campaigns Creatively with 4 Easy Steps

AdPuzl is the creative platform that helps you to create, manage, and launch your Facebook or Instagram Ad campaigns effectively.

It becomes difficult and confusing for small business owners to run an Ad Campaign on social media like Facebook and Instagram. This happens because of a lack of knowledge about using these platforms, and a general fear that paid social media marketing is risky to be handled by a single owner.

Creating and managing social media Ad campaigns will be troublesome or costly if not handled properly. It becomes important for you to have an effective tool that builds your Ad Campaigns within a few minutes and also to manage them hassle-free.

AdPuzl is an innovative and effective tool that empowers solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small scale business owners, etc to run their ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and is best suitable to target your audience in the right way.

What is a Social Media Ad Campaign?

Social Media Ad Campaign is an effort done by marketers to reinforce or assist their business using any social media platform. For a good social media Ad Campaign, you must have clarity of your goals, a smaller target audience, high quality and eye-catching image or video, a short description of the offer, a catchy call to action, and a link that goes directly to the webpage or a specific landing page.

What is AdPuzl?

In recent days, many business people use Social Media for promoting and for selling their business online. This is because Social Media platforms help in building networking at a quick pace. You can reach out to n number of customers within a shorter period of time. You can easily connect with your audience even through Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing needs to have better Ad Campaigns that describe the goal of your business. Creating and handling all your Ad Campaigns becomes uneasy if not properly managed. You also have to spend lots of your time and effort in building creative Ads and publishing them on Social Media. If you hire designers for building your Ads, they may charge you an extra amount.

What if there comes a tool for automation to create, manage and launch your Ad Campaigns easily?

AdPuzl is one such automation tool that helps you to create, manage and guide you through your Campaign building, and launch automatically on Facebook or Instagram as soon as you complete designing your campaign.

You can create simple yet powerful social media ads with AdPuzl, you can take control of your ads by choosing your target audience, instant upload and royalty-free images. You can easily create your campaigns easily in 4 simple steps, setting a goal, creating an ad, building your audience, and launching your Campaign. You also can manage your budget by designing budget-friendly Ads for your customers and can manage your audience based on their Engagement-those who actively like, share, and comment on your posts, Traffic-Those who frequently clicks your ads, Reach-you can set it as many people as possible, Lead Generations-You can find qualified persons who want to connect with you.


Why Use AdPuzl?

  • You can easily create your own Ad Campaigns even if you have never created any.
  • You can create simple yet effective Ad Campaigns that help in getting better results.
  • You can easily manage your Social Media Ads.
  • You can build your Ads in 4 simple steps, Selecting the goal, Creating an Ad, Building the audience for your campaigns, and Launching the campaigns.
  • It simplifies the Ad process.
  • It helps you to create Ads based on your budget and your target audience.

Benefits of Using AdPuzl:

  • Creating Social Media Ads for Instagram and Facebook will become easier.
  • You will have an advanced audience targeting.
  • You can use simple but descriptive images.
  • You will get a creative ad builder and can select the audience with ease.
  • You will be guided with the tooltips or user manual throughout the ad building process.
  • You will get recommendations for building budget-friendly Ad Campaigns.
  • You can have a private Facebook Group.
  • You can have a better platform for your Ad Campaigns.
  • The platform helps in encouraging even non-technical platforms to support social media marketing.

Features of AdPuzl:

  • Target: you can manage your target customers/audience, who can see your ads as per their interests, and how can they search your campaigns on the web.
  • Instant Upload: As soon as you confirm building your ad campaigns, AdPuzl automatically launches your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Royalty-Free Images: You will get over 1000+ free Images to use for your Ad Campaigns.
  • Learn about your Ad Budgeting: This platform recommends you create the Ads based on the budget of your target audience.
  • Increase Your Audience: Get more audience connected with you via engagements, traffics, direct reach and lead generations.

For Whom the AdPuzl Platform is Best Suitable?

This platform is best suitable for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, agencies, small business owners, startups, etc those who want to run their Ad Campaigns through social media like Facebook and Instagram to reach out to a maximum number of people with their small budget.

AdPuzle is an Alternative to:

  • ZenDesk
  • InSense and Paid Media
  • RevealBot
  • UpRive
  • Facebook lead Ads for Hubspot
  • SharpSpring
  • iContact
  • Engage Bay

AdPuzl is the best alternative to the top mentioned Apps.

How to Create Your Facebook or Instagram Ads with AdPuzl Effectively:

Go to your AdPuzl page. Select your goal for Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign.

You will be getting four different options for selecting your target audience.

a. Engagement:

You can grow social proof by targeting segments within your selected audience, who are likely to share, comment and like your posts.

b. Traffic:

You can drive the qualified person from your selected audience to a blog post or valuable content on your website.

c. Reach:

You can blast your ads across your entire selected audience for maximum exposure.

d. Lead Generation:

Here you can identify the qualified member within your selected audience who wants to connect with you.

You have to note that when you are selecting or setting a goal for your audience, you are eventually telling your Facebook or Instagram Ad platform to find people to achieve the goal that you have selected. Suppose, if you want to promote your blog post, your goal is to select the traffic because by choosing the traffic goal you are ordering your Facebook to find more people likely to click on the Ad, thus bringing more traffic to your website and blog post.

How to Create an Ad Campaign?

Firstly, you will get an Ad Builder Page. You will get an easy and simple user interface that helps you to create your Ad by clicking on the different fields, going ahead and typing exactly what you want your Ad to be read as, and what you want to say to your audience on Facebook or Instagram Page.

The headline will be shown on Facebook mobile or desktop. You can essentially click on any area to edit.

Type in your brand name or product name in the title bar. The Ad text is the first part of your Ad, that a user will see when they scroll down to their news feed. You will just have 3 seconds to capture your audience because the audience will just glance at your page within 3 seconds. It is necessary to ensure that your Ad will get a great first impression.

Next, select edit the description tab. You can choose your own creative text to describe your product and you can also use emojis. Start writing a blog about your product.

Select the image and upload it and the window will pop up. You can either upload the image from your desktop or computer or you can browse and upload the image from the AdPuzl Royalty-free inbuilt images.

You will get multiple images for your product, and you can select the suitable image that is suitable for your Ad.

Update your URL with your blog post name.

Next, edit your headline and change the description. Click on learn more to read the full blog post.

Click next and then set your audience. You will be connecting your Facebook account with AdPuzl. You will be getting a dialogue box that asks for giving AdPuzl permission to use your Facebook Ad account. If you don’t have a Facebook Ad account, no need to worry, AdPuzl will connect you to the area and provide you with instructions on how to set up your Facebook Ad Page. Once you have done with it, click on Done.

How to Manage Audience Targeting Tool?

On this page, you can see a preview of the Ad that you have created on the creative builder page.

You can preview the Ad in mobile or desktop mode. If you have an Instagram account connected to your Facebook, you can also look for the preview for the Instagram version also.

How to Do the Ad Placement?

Select the Facebook mobile or desktop view and also for Instagram preview. You can select use all 3 or can choose any one of them.

Next, select your detailed targeting audience in two ways. Go to select, either start by typing in the target in the provided box.

Go to the Facebook business manager to find the proper demographies interested in behavioural targeting.

You can select as many audiences as you would like to but select the appropriate audience based on your industry or business. Select the location, choose specific countries, states, regions, cities, postal codes, or zip codes or can mention worldwide.

In the top left, you will see the potential reach for targeting. If you want, you can update the criteria for age, gender, and built-in algorithm to recommend a budget based on audience.

You can even use start and end dates. Once you have done with the target selection tool, click next. It will direct you to the final page. It is the confirmation page.

You can review your campaign goal, Ad placement, the page where you are going to show your Ad Campaign, the location that you have selected for your target audience, demographic targeting, etc.

Go ahead and book your Ad and thus your first campaign will get launched.

Go to Ad’s page. You can have a look at your Ad name, Recommendations on the daily budget of your audience, performance metrics including clicks, impressions and click rate, as well as the start and end date of your campaign, whether it is well-performing, or is it under review, or paused, or live, or any other additional actions including editing, previewing, etc.

You can also get recommendations on how to improve your Ad Campaigns.

To Sum Up With:

With the increased usage of social media, Business people use these platforms to grow their business. But it becomes difficult sometimes to handle all the Ad Campaigns if you don’t have the proper knowledge about handling these platforms.

Many times designing or creating specific Ads or launching those Ads on social media will consume lots of your time and if you want to hire some technical person, the cost of creating such Ads will be doubled.

It becomes essential for small scale businesses or startups or solopreneurs to have a certain tool that helps you with creating and launching these creative Ads.

AdPuzl is a tool that not only helps you with creating an effective Ad Campaign but also helps you with growing your lead generations, getting increased traffic for your site, reaching out to many people, and also to get successfully engaged with your audience.

The features of AdPuzl are amazing and you can easily automate the process of Ad Campaigns and manage it even without any technical knowledge.

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