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ABtesting: The Perfect Way to Assess your Business and Optimize the Conversion Rate

Landing pages and traffic become more essential when you want to promote any service or product or offer on the internet. Sometimes, the visitors just download a free report, log in to the website or simply click a link, but many of the times, they may not take any action. Your aim is to convince your audience to take further action.

It becomes difficult for you to understand whether the changes made in your webpage, content, landing page, etc. will give you a positive result or a negative one. So, it becomes necessary to compare the two variables to know the best suitable version.

Online marketers, businessmen, digital marketers, content writers, SEO analysers, web builders, and designers will have their own website and landing page for promoting their business and it is necessary to know about the conversion rate for better marketing solutions.

AB testing will help to improve the conversion rate between two variables and to know the better option among them. AB testing does it in an automated way through artificial intelligence.

Let us see what the conversion rate is before proceeding further to know about ABtesting.

Conversion Rate:


The most commonly used word in the field of digital marketing is conversion rate. It helps to evaluate the performance of your website and advertising campaign.

Conversion rate is the percentage of users/visitors/audience who has made a conversion, out of a total number of visitors that are impacted by your ads or visited your landing page.

Riah is an online marketer and she wants to sell her skincare products online. When someone purchases her product it will be counted as Conversion (that person is converted into a purchaser). When she wants to add some offers for her products, she will run an ad on her social media page for about a week. It will bring more traffic to her business. If she decides to count the dropping of emails as a Conversion event, the percentage of people who dropped their emails out of the total number of visitors is taken as Conversion Rate.

Even clicking on a particular button, signing up to a new platform, purchasing any products, or reaching out to an ad, are all considered conversions. In other words, making your audience/users, take some action is regarded as Conversion and the rate at which this conversion takes place is called Conversion Rate.

Suppose 5 visitors have dropped their email out of 100, then the conversion rate is 5%.

Conversion rate optimization is all the actions you take to improve the % of conversions on your website.

The next thing you will have is a target audience. Each set of people will have their own choices. So understanding your audience is very important. It is important to know who is your audience, where do they come from and what do they respond to is the key to optimizing your conversions.

Now let us know what A/B testing is and its importance.

What is A/B testing?

It is random testing between the two samples of a single variable being compared and is useful to understand the user engagement and satisfaction of online features for a new product or feature.


Today, A/B testings are being used for conducting complex experiments on subjects like when users are offline, how the online service will be affected by user actions and how users influence one another.

A/B test allows companies to understand their growth, increase in revenue, optimizing customer satisfaction.

It can be performed continuously on almost everything since most marketing automation software typically comes with the ability to run A/B testing on many ongoing processes.

It becomes very difficult to know for what your audience will be taking action. So, it is necessary to do some sets of experiments on your landing page to know your traffic and improve your conversions.

There comes the necessity of A/B testing, a process where you test how the changes in your landing page like headlines, copywriting, and call to action can impact your conversion rate by comparing it with your original design.


ABtesting is a platform that automatically suggests and performs A/B testing for your landing page. You don’t even have to feed any information and no need to attend the testing. The only thing you have to do is the initial set up and the AI algorithm will find the best suitable variation of your landing page and thus help you in optimizing your conversion rate.


ABtesting helps digital marketers and businessmen to achieve their business goals in the smartest, easiest and the more effective way through a simple AI-based tool.

Sometimes, it will become difficult to choose what to test and many times A/B testing will be a failure because you might have chosen the wrong things for testing. That’s why A/B testing may take days together to achieve the required conversion rate and even after running for so many days, the conversion rate will also be just 0.5%.

But ABtesting smartly suggests what metrics you need to change on your landing page so as to get a higher conversion rate and will run A/B tests to determine if any changes are needed. It will not even get struck in optimizing the things that don’t matter.

Sometimes while performing A/B testing, the variations will underperform the original and it makes the conversion rate go down and it will take months to reach the essential statistical significance to tell which variation is better.

ABtesting uses a multi-armed bandit approach to A/B testing and will show you which variable is best and has a high conversion rate while testing. It not only allows you to have a higher conversion rate but also helps to reach it quickly.

It also uses an AI to choose the best combinations to test, so that you need not have to spend time testing each variable.

Testing the variables for different screens will also become annoying. The changes that are suitable for the desktop versions may not fit mobile screens. ABtesting takes into consideration the fact that UI should not be broken for any screens for testing.

How to work with ABtesting:


1. The First thing you need to do is enter your URL and create a few variables for headlines, landing page copy, and call to action. The ai identifies the possible combinations and also titles, copy and CTA and also suggests you the best variations and conversion events will be automatically detected.

2. You can integrate a small javascript into your webpage or install it in WordPress or Wix Plugin.

3. The multi-armed bandit algorithm will help you to get the most successful variation and your conversion rate will never fall down.

4. It runs the variables in batches so that you can get the full benefits of A/B testing without having much traffic on your site.

5. For every combination, it runs new experiments, and the process will be repeated until you get the desired conversion rates.

How to perform A/B testing for Wix?

1. Enter Your URL:

  • Add the URL of landing pages for which you want to perform A/B testing in the box.
  • Press Start A/B testing.
  • It takes you to the wizard that guides you through the process of starting your first A/B testing.
  • A bot will run through the main elements of your landing page like image, headlines, copy, CTA, etc.

2. Choose the Variations:

  • The tool will only test almost all the elements of your landing page.
  • If you feel something is missing or you want to compare different pages, click on Fetch More Elements in the top right corner to visually select some other element you want to add for testing.
  • There are some text suggestions by GPT- 3, which is the most powerful AI. When your page is fetched, this AI scans your content and understands it and gives you some text suggestions to try.
  • Once finished with creating and editing all the elements, then choose Next.

3. Choose the Conversion Goal:

  • In this option, you have to set a goal by saying to the tool “When this happens, count it as a conversion.”
  • ABtesting automatically fetches the main conversion event connected to the Wix landing page.
  • There are 2 ways: one by target URL and the other by code.

4. Integration:

  • This becomes a more complicated task as there will be many sets of codes that are difficult to understand, but ABtesting has a plugin to resolve your problem.

Follow the steps in the Wix plugin and it starts running. Afterwards, you just have to go back to the test and click Verify.

  • The tool creates the variations depending on the elements that you have chosen for testing before and will start running a test and also measure the performance with each other and also with the original design, to see which one will convert the most.
  • You will not be having any conversion loss as ABtesting uses a multi-armed bandit approach to solve the issue of losing a conversion. It will also consume less time for the conversion and also testing.
  • ABtesting also uses an Evolutionary algorithm to learn on the basis of the first test and based on that result it will start a new test automatically.

How to perform A/B testing For WordPress?

1. Initial Setup:

  • Create a new account in your ABtesting by adding your email id and password.
  • Add this link to your WordPress Website.

2. Choose Page Variation:

a. Headline:
  • The first element which your visitors will notice in your website or webpage is your headline. When your headline is interesting and catchy, they will visit your page again and again and will also take action.
  • The tool allows you to create a new headline with the “Add New Text” option.
b. Copy:
  • The copy includes some paragraphs that describe your products or your website goals.
  • ABtesting will help you with the correct size of your copy. You can use various font styles, texts, and words.
  • You can use another “add new text” option to write your copy and start the testing.
c. Call to Action:

You can get a more positive result with an effective call to action, just by changing a word. The tool provides you with an option to change the text and colour of your page.

3. Choose your Conversion Goal:

  • The main purpose of the landing page is to make the conversion. The tool will understand whether a conversion is completed or not when your audience visits the conversion page.
  • You just have to add a link that will be the destination for your visitors and when a user goes to this page, the tool will count it as one conversion. It can be done automatically or you can opt for doing it manually.

4. Integration:

This is the last step in performing the A/B test on your WordPress site. It can be done in two ways.

  • Firstly, you can copy and paste a code on the page where you want to perform A/B testing. This code can be added from the theme editor of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Secondly, add a new plugin tool. Go to your WordPress site, click on add a new plugin button, choose ABtesting and then download it to your site.

5. Repeat the Testing:

  • After installing the plugin, start with your initial A/B testing and you can repeat it for more pages and more variations of your website.
  • You can do this testing to optimize all pages and also to get better conversions.

Similarly, you can also do the A/B testings for other sites like Elementor, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, etc.

To Sum Up With:

When you have a landing page for your business but you don’t know how the people will react to your page or how to optimize your conversion rates, there comes the necessity for doing A/B testing.

But many A/B testing tools won’t give you the desired results and may even consume your time in checking and integrating the data and if the feed was not right, then your conversion rate will also go down than the original copy also.

ABtesting is a platform that automatically suggests and performs A/B testing for your landing page. You don’t even have to feed any information and no need to attend the testing. The only thing you have to do is the initial set up and the AI algorithm will find the best suitable variation of your landing page and thus help you in optimizing your conversion rate.

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